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Our Commitment



Our vineyards incorporate biological corridors, sectors of the property where the native vegetation can be found, and where the local animal life can move freely.

100% of the biological residues are composted and then used as the principal fertilizer for the plants. 


To recycle the water from the cellar, we have a Wetland biological treatment plant. Thanks to this system, 100% of the water used during the processes of winemaking is reused in the vegetable production of the winery.

In the restaurant, there’s a system of aeration with blowers, that also allows us to reuse the water for watering. 


Within our practices of recycling, we use vermiculture, which allows us to break down all of the vegetable waste generated in the vineyards, cellar, and restaurant, to be used as fertilizer. 


The energy consumption at the winery is low, as the passive architecture design allows for natural temperature control, and the operational movements, especially during harvest, are done using gravity.


The packaging used for our wines, both the bottles and the boxes, come from companies certified in the area of sustainability, as well as the corks.


  • The majority of our team resides in Lagunillas, Casablanca, and other locales close by in the Rosario Valley.
  • We participate in social and educational collaborations with groups in the zone. One example is the “Patio de la Alegría”, or the “Happy Patio”, where collectively, we’ve redesigned the outdoor area of the Lagunillas Primary School, hoping to strengthen the connection of the students with the outdoors.
  • We work hand in hand with the local community, promoting activities that foment local handicrafts, such as work with wool, in a project known as “Entre Cerros”, or “Among the Hills.”

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