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Corralillo is the name of a very old wine cellar that used to be in El Rosario Valley, where wines of the ancient “País” grape were once made. To honor the tradition of our terroir, we chose the name Corralillo and its symbol that is typical of our labels. Corralillo and the symbol that is typical of our labels. (Corralillo comes from the Spanish word “corral” that means farmyard in English).

The name comes from the word EQUILIBRIO (Spanish word for Balance) and represents our commitment to nature, by pursuing a perfect balance between the grapevines, soil and climate of our vineyards. EQ offers balanced wines with outstanding quality and elegance. Delivering great complexity with nuanced layers of flavors, EQ wines have a fine structure that guarantees a great ageing potential.

The Matetic family pioneered the development of Syrah under the cool climate of the San Antonio Valley. Planted in the ancient granitic soils found on our Rosario vineyard, the grapes ripen slowly, yielding unique and intense flavors. The biodynamic agriculture practiced in our vineyards, allows grapevines to preserve their natural balance and express their authentic characteristics. Coming from only 2 selected sectors planted on very gentle slopes and with a limited production of 300 cases per year; our coastal terroir, the careful attention to every detail and our passion for Syrah, give life to this truly exceptional biodynamic wine.