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Organic and Biodynamic

Responsibility with our land

Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is an integrated system of production that foments and improves the health of the ecosystem, particularly the biodiversity, the biological cycles, and the biological activity of the soils. Because of this, neither chemicals nor pesticides are used so that the products are the healthiest possible.

We constantly monitor the vineyard and promote the growth of the native flora in biological corridors. The biodiversity allows us to continue our organic and biodynamic practices with the help of natural enemies in the vineyard, helping to maintain the population of harmful pests under control.

A variety of animals help us daily, particularly in the control of weeds. These animals include geese, chickens, alpacas, sheep, and cows.

Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture is based on the principles of the anthroposophy founded by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

It maintains that the field is just one organism, a live being in which all its elements are intimately related. Thanks to soils rich in microorganisms, we cultivate healthy grapes that give birth to wines of the highest quality.

We use biodynamic preparations that are made based on natural ingredients like cow manure, quartz, and medicinal herbs, that are used to promote the vital processes in the vineyard and improve the quality of the compost.

Through careful groundwork in our granitic soils, we look to build natural fertility in the hills, using compost made in our own fields, the planting of ground covering vegetables, green fertilizers, and other work in the soil.

Biodynamic Cycle

Biological–dynamic agriculture promotes the biodiversity of the flora and fauna, protecting the health of the agriculturists and the consumers. The agricultural field is conceived as an individual, with the earth, plants, animals, cosmos, and men coming together to form one organism.